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National Summer Learning Association
  National Summer Learning                      Association
  1701 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
                    Ste 200
     Washington, DC 20006

HSF joined with Gilbane Development Co. as matching partners to co-sponsor the Public Housing Summer Learning Community, a project of National Summer Learning Association.


The National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) is a national, non-profit organization focused on the powerful impact of one achievable goal: investing in summer learning to help close the achievement gap.   

For more than 25 years, the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) has improved the lives of America’s most vulnerable students by addressing the cumulative effects of summer learning loss and closing the achievement and opportunity gaps which research shows grow most significantly between lower and higher income students over the summer months. The Covid-19 pandemic has made their work more important than ever as national leaders look to use the summer learning as a key strategy in helping students recover. 

The Monterey High School Digital Arts Program started a fundraiser in mid-May to purchase several iPad Pro's for the MHS Digital Arts Program.  This amazing technology was needed to allow Advanced Digital Art students to develop industry-level job skills and compete in college applications and contests, and it is especially needed now that they are all in Distance Learning! 


MHS Digital Arts Program was able to raise 50% of their goal and had a deadline of September 11. Harry Singer Foundation matched the funds and met the deadline.    

"Dear Mr. Kaplan, I really can't express how deeply touched we are by your extreme generosity. The students and I had almost given up on succeeding with our campaign, when you swooped in with your lifesaving donation! To have such great news come at the beginning of our school year has lifted the spirits of myself, my 200 students (this year) our high school (1200 students) and our district (10,000 students)!! The kids and I are on "Cloud Nine", I am not kidding you. We are doing "happy dances" all the time. Your timely, generous action makes us all feel like "someone out there CARES!" and that makes all the difference during this challenging time! Your kindness will brighten hearts and minds for many years to come. I have the most creative, wonderful students, and these creative devices allow them to express from their hearts - animations, music, movies, illustrations, etc. We really are so very, very grateful!!! Much love, Ms. Martha Tonkin" MHS Digital Arts Teacher


Ayeseminikan BSE, Ken-ade


Ken-Ade Schools  


HSF is a proud sponsor of Ken-Ade Schools, Lago, Nigeria.  Founded by Ayeseminikan BSE, Ken-ade PrivateSecondary School mission is to provide students with excellent academic programs and a nurturing environment with close student-teacher relationships. Secondary School is a private yet affordable elementary school offering a stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment to ensure their students experience success every day.

Ken-Ade is home to over 700 students (aged 12 to 16) and 100 expert staff, and proud of their international and multi-cultural ethos.

Over 15 years ago in a small classroom with a dirt floor, Ayeseminikan BSE started Ken-Ade Private School.  Harry Singer Foundation was there at the beginning to help launch this small but much needed school.  Over the years the school grew to several locations.  Then, in 2013, a devastating typhoon hit Lagos, Nigeria and the school was destroyed.  HSF provided support  to help rebuild the school and after three weeks, classes resumed becoming Ken-Ade Schools.  HSF continues to be a proud sponsor.  Check out their website:

Destruction after Storm.jpg

After-math of typhoon shows destruction to school, 2013.

Three weeks after typhoon, school is rebuilt and kids are back to work

After School All Stars
ASAS Logo.png

HSF has continued to support ASAS programs for kids throughout the years. 

After-School All-Stars is a national non-profit organization that partners with schools across the United States to expand the learning day for low-income children. It provides after-school programs. Currently, ASAS serves nearly 92,000 students on over 400 school sites in 14 regions across 10 states. 


ASAS is a comprehensive after-school program serving kids with the greatest needs and fewest resources. Founded in 2002 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles (ASAS-LA) is the premier K-12 program for schools throughout Los Angeles County and the Lucerne Valley. We partner with numerous national and local organizations to provide high-quality free programs to the students we serve




THE V CHANNEL is a nonprofit media company helping parents and teachers inspire kids to be their “Best” by producing virtues-themed coloring pages and videos.  The "V" is for Virtues at  The Harry Singer Foundation is a proud sponsor.

Recently, HSF awarded the V Channel matching funds to finance the production of their new and improved “V”Toons Coloring Pages.  Each "V"TOONS print PDF features a single virtue with multiple characters for kids to choose from, PLUS a page inviting them to draw and color a picture of how they see the virtues.  COLORING PAGES FOR AGES 5+ “V”TOONS Coloring Pages are a simple and fun way to teach kids virtues. 

The V Channel is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. They depend on the generous support of people like you. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today!

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