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Dr. Brian Annan of Infinity Learn instructs students at Sea Air Fire Earth Transportation Pathway (SAFE) program
To Promote Responsibility and Youth Development Wordwide

The Harry Singer Foundation is committed to the educational well-being of children from all walks of life.  We believe that a solid educational foundation leads to a productive and happy life.  By providing the right tools and educational support, children can to take control of their learning experience,  providing a pathway to empowerment and self-worth that remains with them for the rest of their lives.  


It is the mission of HSF to empower our youth to become strong, independent citizens with a deep sense of character and community.  HSF believes a solid educational foundation and the development of necessary skills to enter and thrive in the workforce, is the cornerstone of a happy and productive life based on the core principals of individual character, responsibility and knowledge.


 HSF is not a grant-making organization nor does it seek grants.  Our emphasis is on sponsoring programs that reflect our core values. As a result, we have a philosophy of outreach networking with other organizations who share common interests in an effort to support kids in need.  We have a unique approach as a facilitator to bring like-minded organizations together to support a common goal or specific project to its successful conclusion.



The Harry Singer Foundation (HSF) was founded in 1987 in Carmel, California.  In 2016 we moved our headquarters to San Francisco.


Our focus is in education Pre-K-12 with an emphasis on youth development, literacy, STEM, learning methodology and character.  Over the years, the Foundation has been involved in developing and supporting programs to educate the disadvantaged in both the USA and New Zealand.

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For More Information call Sharon:  844-767-4483

Harry Singer Foundation has a rich history.  Founded in 1987, The foundation has been operating as a national non-profit 501(c) 3 private operating foundation (IRC: 4942 j 3).  For more than twenty-nine years, Harry Singer Foundation headquarters were located in Carmel, California.  In 2016, founders Melvin and Margaret Kaplan moved their headquarters to San Francisco to be closer to family. 

The focus of Harry Singer Foundation is to promote responsibility and involve people more fully in public policy and their communities, and actively conduct programs benefiting youth and teachers.   These programs represent the core beliefs of the Harry Singer Foundation.  Over the years, the foundation’s focus has grown and expanded.  However, it is important to recognize those early programs that laid the foundation for where we are today.  Some of those early programs include:  

  1. Singer Kids for Kids -provided students in participating schools with the opportunity to learn the joys of philanthropy by creating fun ways to financially assist their sister school.  Each school offered for consideration by Singer-Kids4Kids as a sister school is a private school operating in one of the poorest areas of the world without any government assistance.

  2. Teacher’s Forum – a resource just for teachers to share, reminisce, participate in contests to address subjects of special interest to teachers, and much more.

  3. Teachers Honor Roll – each year Harry Singer Foundation recognized outstanding teachers across the country for their dedication and hard work.

  4. White Hats - White Hats was a pilot project--an offshoot of the Foundation's 1994 Responsibility contest and the resulting White Hats book attesting to the need to publicize the enormous number of good things going on in our nation. Its purpose was to find those good things and use them to monitor local media. We believe that need still exists, perhaps more today than ever before.

  5. T2T Transition to Teaching – designed to encourage retirees to use their skills and life experience to become teachers. 

  6. Problem Solvers - Problem Solvers is a pilot project geared towards college and high school campuses. Students debate local and national issues using media (radio, TV, newspapers).

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